Larry Bruskoff & Company

Larry Bruskoff and Company has over 20 years of experience assisting individuals and small and medium size business primarily in the San Fernando Valley. We successfully work with individuals and all types of businesses providing extensive knowledge of accounting, tax, business management and development.

Our staff consists of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We are committed to offering you timely, accurate, efficient and confidential service. We care about you. We become your business partner, friend and mentor.

Our work is professional, timely and adheres to the highest standards of quality. Everyone and every business is unique. We will work with you to determine your best solutions. We implement solutions, enabling you to save time, money and stress. Working with us, you will receive personal, year round customized guidance.

We know that individuals and business owners need assistance with bookkeeping and tax preparation. They also need experienced financial advisors to assist them in achieving their business goals. We are your professional partner to work with you so you achieve your financial goals.

What Our Clients Say About Our Firm

" ... Glad you are my tax man"
" ... are very helpful all through the year"
" ... they are always trying to save me money when and where possible. I appreciate it. .. "
" ... my tax consultation is excellent and very helpful ..."
" ... fast and efficient service that gives me a feeling of security
      so I don't have to know the ever changing rules ... "
" ... personal, professional, efficient ... "
" ... helped my business save money. .. "
" ... Thanks for always being there ... "

As Your Partner, We will...
  • Dedicate ourselves to the success of you and your financial future.

  • Work and plan together including how to pay for things, when and where and how.

  • You will not have surprises. We will monitor measure and calculate your options.

  • Emphasize ways you can streamline your financial activities, save you time, save you money and improve your accuracy.

  • Produce timely, accurate, and efficient results for you.

  • Talk to you in your language .. Not tech-ese or business-ese or legal-ese.

  • Be available for you by phone, email or in-person appointment throughout the year.

  • Inform you about profit improvement, tax and business implications and maintaining your competitive advantage.

  • Level with you and tell it exactly how it is.

  • Teach you and your staff to implement our expertise.

  • Take seriously our role as your financial advisor, friend, confidant and mentor.